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At Everyday Power Consulting, we offer tailored solutions to help organizations achieve their goals and improve outcomes for their clients, students, and employees. The Everyday Power Consulting team of experts brings deep expertise in data analysis, best practices, and industry trends, along with a collaborative and customized approach to each engagement. We work closely with our clients to identify areas for improvement, develop customized strategies, and provide comprehensive support to ensure the successful implementation of those strategies. The Everyday Power Consulting services have helped workforce organizations, governmental departments, human service providers, school districts, higher education institutions, adult education programs, and nonprofit agencies to streamline operations, enhance service delivery, and achieve better outcomes. Whether you’re looking to improve program effectiveness, increase employee productivity, or create a more positive and supportive organizational culture, Everyday Power Consulting can help you achieve your goals and create meaningful impact.

Who We Work With

Everyday Power Consulting works across the service and education ecosystem to support continuous improvement to improve and support communities by harnessing the everyday power of organizations that care.

Josh’s strengths include sound, independent judgement and problem solving skills. He has proven to have a broad understanding and successful track record of working with a variety of customers and key stakeholders. He has excellent people skills and an innate ability to build strong relationships with the customers his organization serves.

–Kelly, Workforce Director 

In some cases, excellent educators do not also make excellent executive officers. That is not true for Josh. His aptitude for service, learning, and growth demonstrably make him uniquely equipped to lead organizations into excellence. His decisions are consistently built upon research, thorough analysis, and driven by the twin values of sustainability and growth.

–Karen, Library Programs Director

Our partnership has been so successful that it gained national attention, was the topic of presentations, and led to other colleges starting similar programs. The success of the Learning Collaborative was due in large part to Josh’s leadership and forward thinking. 

–Lisa, Community College Vice President of Student Success

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