About Dr. Josh Evans

Dr. Josh Evans

President & Lead Consultant

Dr. Josh Evans has over 20 years of educational leadership experience as well as direct instruction experience in secondary, postsecondary and adult education programming. He has Masters degrees from Naropa and Oregon State University and holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Learning from Vanderbilt University. Josh also has human resources expertise in strategic planning, data analysis, and business management holding a SHRM-SCP credential. He is also an Emergentics associate and has decades of experience in executive coaching, strategic planning, fundraising and board engagement, nonprofit and association consulting expertise, and continuous improvement systems building. He lives in Denver, Colorado and works as the CEO of The Learning Source and the founder and CEO of Change Agent, an educational technology focused on equitable learning support. Josh believes that any organizational system can be changed to support staff, improve customer and organizational outcomes, and build a culture of every day power.

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