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The commitment to drive innovation and improvement in education and human services is complex, time consuming, and difficult. With the right support, leaders can get the training they need, teams can form and build the necessary skills, and together we can form a culture of continuous improvement that will drive innovation, customer value, increased outcomes, and deliver an exemplary organization. If you are a state or organizational leader seeking consulting expertise to drive improvement and sustain the everyday power of your staff and organization….

Train and Support Leaders

Provide training and support to leaders in data-driven models of improvement, coaching direct reports, change management, human resources, strategic planning, finance, and other skills based specifically on individual leader needs.

Higher Education students learning

Build Exemplary Teams

Develop a team-based staffing model to drive excellence by providing guidance, training in distributed expertise, equitable support, professional learning, and data-driven program decisions.

Dr. Josh Evans MA, MFA, SHRM-SCP

Dr. Josh Evans MA, MFA, SHRM-SCP

President & Lead Consultant

With over 20 years of educational leadership and teaching experience spanning secondary, higher education, adult education, educational technology, human services and workforce development, Dr. Josh Evans has demonstrated expertise in program innovation, organizational change, continuous improvement, and increased student and customer outcomes. Josh holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Vanderbilt University and his SHRM-SCP credential in human resource management. He is also an Emergentics Associate with years of consulting and leadership coaching experience.

Who We Work With

Everyday Power Consulting works across the service and education ecosystem to support continuous improvement to improve and support communities by harnessing the everyday power of organizations that care.

Josh’s strengths include sound, independent judgement and problem solving skills. He has proven to have a broad understanding and successful track record of working with a variety of customers and key stakeholders. He has excellent people skills and an innate ability to build strong relationships with the customers his organization serves.

–Kelly, Workforce Director 

In some cases, excellent educators do not also make excellent executive officers. That is not true for Josh. His aptitude for service, learning, and growth demonstrably make him uniquely equipped to lead organizations into excellence. His decisions are consistently built upon research, thorough analysis, and driven by the twin values of sustainability and growth.

–Karen, Library Programs Director

Our partnership has been so successful that it gained national attention, was the topic of presentations, and led to other colleges starting similar programs. The success of the Learning Collaborative was due in large part to Josh’s leadership and forward thinking. 

–Lisa, Community College Vice President of Student Success

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